Sample DVDs

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New Baby

Do you have a new baby to welcome into the world? Create a DVD slideshow to share with parents and grandparents. Share your baby's first months/years with those who can't be there to experience it firsthand. Grandparents love to brag about their grandchildren. Think how proud they will be showing their slideshow to their friends!


Want to share a couple's love story at a rehearsal dinner, church, or wedding reception? Create a slideshow to introduce the new spouse to family and friends. Begin your slideshow with baby pictures of each of them and let your guests watch the couple grow and finally meet and fall in love. Put together a slideshow of dad/daughter and mother/son to play during their special dance. Your presentation will make the wedding day special for all who attend!

Make a keepsake the couple will cherish forever! After the wedding create a slideshow using their pictures and videos. You can even use the special songs they chose for the day.


Watch a graduate grow up on screen. Show a DVD slideshow that chronicles his/her life and accomplishments so far. Start with infant and toddler pictures and move on to preschool and school age pictures. Include pictures of special events such as birthdays, holidays, sporting events, school events, and any other event that has special meaning to them. Use songs that are special to them and they will cherish this gift forever.


New York, Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, Myrtle Beach, London, Germany... wherever your travels take you, make a DVD slideshow to capture all your memories. Once your bags are unpacked gather your pictures and find some special songs, you can preserve all your memories of special times and special places.

Corporate Events

A grand opening, Christmas parties, 25 years of service… whatever the occasion. Make a DVD slideshow with music, photos, documents, and newspaper stories that tells the story.


Cherish your memories and photos of a loved one with a DVD slideshow that documents their life. Treasure all those smiles and keep their memory in your heart forever. Love, Remember, Forever.


Make a special gift for a special couple. It promises to be the best gift they will receive. Show a DVD slideshow of the couple starting from early childhood to their first date, from their wedding day to their days as young parents. Watch the couple laugh, cry and fall in love all over again.